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SOA Source Book
April 2009
9789087535032 | english | hardcopy | 2009
Software services are established as a programming concept, but their impact on the overall architecture of enterprise IT and business operations is not well-understood. This has led to problems in deploying SOA, and some disillusionment. The SOA Sou..more information
TOGAF® Version 9 - A Pocket Guide
February 2009
9789087532321 | english | hardcopy | 2009
Note: This book is available in several languages: Dutch, English, German, French. This is the official Open Group Pocket Guide for TOGAF Version 9 Enterprise Edition. This pocket guide is published by Van Haren Publishing on behalf of The Open G..more information
Sturen op samenhang op basis van GEA®
February 2009
9789087534066 | dutch | hardcopy | 2009
Dit boek beschrijft het GEA-model: General Enterprise Architecturing, met als kernwaarden: sturen op samenhang, strategisch stuurinstrument, bestuurlijke besluitvorming, organisatiebrede vormgeving, vraagstukgestuurde integrale oplossingen..more information
The Open Group Architecture Framework TOGAF™ Version 9
January 2009
9789087532307 | english | hardcopy | 2009
The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a framework – a detailed method and a set of supporting tools – for developing an enterprise architecture, developed by members of The Open Group Architecture Forum (www.opengroup.org/architecture). A..more information
Architecture for Public-Key Infrastructure APKI
October 2008
9781859122211 | english | hardcopy | 2008
This document describes the requirements for a Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI). A high-level structure is presented which groups the PKI Architecture's components into broad functional categories. The functionality of each component is described, tog..more information
Architectuur, besturingsinstrument voor adaptieve organisaties
January 2008
9789059312814 | dutch | hardcopy | 2008
Dit boek beschrijft de theorie en de praktijk van het besturen van een organisatie onder architectuur. De auteurs schetsen een beeld van de besturingsvraagstukken waarmee bestuurders van organisaties en bedrijven te maken hebben. Vanuit het architect..more information
Enterprise Security Architecture
November 2005
9781578203185 | english | hardcopy | 2005
'Destined to be a classic work on the topic, Enterprise Security Architecture fills a real void in the knowledge base of our industry. In a comprehensive, detailed treatment, Sherwood, Clark and Lynas rightly emphasize the business approach and show ..more information