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Computer Hardware  –Hardware and Network Components Foundation
9789087530006 - dutch - hardcopy | 2007
Over de serie I-Tracks Binnen I-Tracks kan iedereen die zich (verder) wil scholen op het gebied van de ICT zijn eigen individuele leerrichting kiezen, op basis van eerder verworven kennis en competenties. In de diverse opleidingstrajecten komen zowe..
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€ 39,95
IT Service Management, een leerboek
9789080671386 - dutch - hardcopy | 2005
€ 36,27
IPMA Competence Baseline ICB Version 3
9780955321306 - english - hardcopy | 2008
The IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB) is the basis for the IPMA 4 Level certification system. It is a standard that is invaluable to practitioners and stakeholders. It sets out the knowledge and experience expected from the managers of projects, program..
€ 40,00
MINCE®  - A Framework for Organizational Maturity
9789087530471 - english - hardcopy | 2007
Assessment of Organizational Maturity is becoming a very popular technique. This book explains how most organizations need to achieve and maintain the competitive ability to meet and take advantage of change. Skills, technical ability, processes all ..
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€ 20,00
Implementing IT Governance - A Practical Guide to Global Best Practices in IT Management
9789087531195 - english - hardcopy | 2008
The issues, opportunities and challenges of aligning information technology more closely with an organization and effectively governing an organization’s Information Technology (IT) investments, resources, major initiatives and superior uninterrupt..
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€ 39,95
eBook: Six Sigma for IT Management
9789087531904 - english - PDF | 2006
This is the first book to provide a coherent view and guidance for using the Six Sigma approach successfully in IT service organisations. It particularly aims to merge ITIL and Six Sigma into a single approach for continuous improvement of IT service..
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€ 39,95
Service Operation - 2nd impression
9780113311415 - german - hardcopy | 2008
ITIL Version 3's (V3) service lifecycle-based practice incorporates the best of V1 and V2 and tests current best practice for ITSM. Service Operation introduces, explains and details delivery and control activities to achieve operational excellence o..
€ 89,00
Practice Standard for Project Configuration Management
9781930699472 - english - hardcopy | 2008
Most projects present teams with challenges relating to time, cost and scope. Careful management of these project elements allows projects to be completed successfully. In order to guide a project's direction, project managers utilize the process of ..
€ 37,00
Automatisering van productieprocessen op basis van ISA-95
9789087533465 - dutch - hardcopy | 2008
Om te voorkomen dat de productiebedrijven vertrekken naar de goedkopere landen, moeten de Nederlandse bedrijven alles op alles zetten om efficiënt en effectief te produceren. Standaardiseren, mechaniseren en automatiseren zijn hoogst noodzakelijk. ..
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€ 39,95
Contract and Commercial Management - The Operational Guide
9789087536275 - english - hardcopy | 2011
Almost 80% of CEOs say that their organization must get better at managing external relationships. According to The Economist, one of the major reasons why so many relationships end in disappointment is that most organizations 'are not very good at c..
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€ 59,95
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ePub: ITIL® V3
9789087539993 - english - ePub | 2010
Note: This pocket book is available in several languages: English, German, French, Dutch. This Pocket Guide is a concise summary of ITIL® V 3. A quick, portable reference tool to this leading standard within the Service Management community. Wh..
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€ 15,95
PRINCE2® - Quick Reference Cards set of 5
9789087535650 - english - hardcopy | 2010
In the Best Practice Free zone you can find 30 useful PRINCE2-templates (author: PUG-NL). Available as free download, click here>>>  Summary of 2009 PRINCE 2 approach Sturdy, easy to carry booklet with Quick Reference Cards based on PRINCE2 ..
€ 29,95
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PRINCE2TM 2009 Edition  - Guide de Poche
9789087536077 - french - hardcopy | 2010
Note: This pocket book is available in several languages: English, German, French, Dutch. This Pocket Guide supplies a summary of the PRINCE2 method, to provide a quick introduction as well as a structured overview of the method; Main target Grou..
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€ 17,50
eBook: The Open Group Architecture Framework TOGAF™ Version 9
9789087535995 - english - PDF | 2009
The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a framework – a detailed method and a set of supporting tools – for developing an enterprise architecture, developed by members of The Open Group Architecture Forum (
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€ 75,00
eBook: E-book: ISO/IEC 20000: A Pocket Guide
9789087532970 - japanese - PDF | 2006
A quick and accessible to a universally adopted standard. This standard is based on ITIL which is also very widely known and used. ISO 20000 describes Service Management standards that must be attained for corporate accreditation.BS15000, the standar..
€ 15,95